Exhibition: Meals on Wheels 21 Apr


Meals on Wheels opens on Thursday, the 23rd April, at Kosmonaut. The exhibition is the brain child of Generic Greeting, WONDERHAUS and Tashatime and see’s the Northern Quarter eateries and businesses creating customised artwork on skateboard decks.

Northern Quarter shops and cafes including Koffee Pot, McCalls, Oklahoma and V Revolution with Dia Artio have been given the artistic freedom to create a piece of artwork that best represents them, the resulting exhibition includes a collection of skateboards decorated with an eclectic line-up of mixed media from illustration, spray painting, laser etching, 3D paper mache and collage.

There are a lot of exhibitions in Manchester that bring together local artists but we wanted to produce a more inclusive show giving a creative platform to the people that feed the Northern Quarter and allow them the opportunity to collaborate with local artists too.”
Tash Willcox (Generic Greeting, Hyper Island)


The exhibition not only brings together the heart and soul of the Northern Quarter but will be raising awareness for Manchester based Breakfast in Bed Street Life Project. Their work involves feeding the homeless on the streets of Manchester. Some of the eateries involved in the exhibition have set up direct links with the project by donating stock and supplies, whilst on the launch night there will be fundraising to raise money for the project.

In addition, for each of the Northern Quarter stalwarts involved in the exhibition, Tash Willcocks (Tashatime, Generic Greeting) will be creating a bespoke illustration for #hypertipsmap on a takeaway box to represent the eateries and to sit along side their skateboard deck.

The launch will start from 6:30pm.

Meals on Wheels
Kosmonaut, Manchester
Thursday 23rd April to Sunday 24th May


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