Sue’s Beaded Bugs 15 May

Sue's beaded bugs

Sue has been busy working on these incredible beaded bugs. Using the Beaded Bugs Book she followed the step-by-step guides to create each of these beautiful bugs! She used size 10/0 Seed Beads which are 2mm diameter with a hole of approximately 0.5mm in the colours needed. She chose to use size 8/0 r 6/0 for the eyes, choosing whichever size looked better. To create the bugs legs she used 6mm long Bugle Beads.


Sue used our 34 guage brass wire in gold colour as she found this to be thin enough to through through the beads two or three times but strong enough to withstand the amount of pull. You will need a good pair of pliers and wire cutters to create these bugs.

Although these bugs look so striking on their own, Sue decided to ask the laser studio to create a specially made backing board with each of the English and Latin names of the bugs underneath where they will sit.


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