Real Painting at Castlefield Gallery 28 May

Real Painting at Castlefield Gallery, which opens to the public on Friday 12 June, has been curated by Deb Covell and Jo McGonigal. The exhibition promises to consider what painting ‘does’ rather that what painting means. The exhibition features new and existing work from artists who work nationally and internationally and includes pieces from Turner  Prize  nominee  Angela  de  la  Cruz  (2010)  and  John  Moores  Painting  Prize   winner’s   Simon   Callery   (1992)   and   Alexis   Harding   (2004).

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Each artist shares a purposeful interest in the material components of painting and its ability to assume its own presence, rather than being symbolic of something else. Slipping between painting and object, the visual and physical, the work in the exhibition highlights the expressive capacity of the materials and processes specific to painting to be sites of investigation in their own right.

Jo McGonigal_Yellow Yellow_2015


Exhibiting artists:  Simon  Callery,  Adriano  Costa,  Deb  Covell,  Angela  de  la  Cruz,  Lydia  Gifford,  David  Goerk,  Alexis  Harding,   Jo  McGonigal,  DJ  Simpson,  Finbar  Ward.

Real Painting
12 June – 2 August 2015
Castlefield Gallery
2 Hewitt Street
Manchester, M15 4GB
Lydia Gifford_Porous_2014

Image Source:
1. Angela de la Cruz Mini Nothing 9 (Pink) 2010 © Angela de la Cruz Courtesy Lisson Gallery Photo Ken Adlard
2. Jo McGonigal Yellow Yellow 2015
3. Lydia Gifford Porous 2014

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