Shadows and Hues: Oil Paint Workshop 28 May

micheledelcampoXTheXRestXX190x200cmWe are pleased to be working in conjunction with Windsor & Newton and internationally acclaimed artist Michele Del Campo to bring you a FREE oil painting workshop on Wednesday 3 June between 10am and 3pm.

Michele Del Campo was born and studied in Italy before moving to the UK to continue his Fine Art studies. Currently residing and working in London, Michele has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been awarded several art prizes.

Working from both life and photographs, Michele’s paintings are often a careful combination of references from life, models, objects and locations. His paintings have the freshness and sensuality of his personal wet on wet technique. His most recent series of paintings, Daydreamers, depict and idle and melancholic youth in the brightness of the Mediterranean sun.

The Oil paint workshops will give you a greater understanding of Winsor & Newton Oil paint through in-depth discussion and hands on sessions lead by Michele Del Campo.

You will begin the day with an in-depth presentation, followed by a brief talk from Michele Del Campo detailing his work practise. Then you will take a short break in the afternoon for lunch after which Michele Del Campo will lead an Oil Paint workshop, where you will have the opportunity to create your own works of art, utilising colours and hues to achieve light within shadows, a hallmark of Michele Del Campo’s art work.

If that wasn’t enough all attendees will receive a FREE goody bag!

We are really looking forward to hosting Michele and Windsor & Newton next Wednesday and hope that you can attend. If you would like to join the workshop places are FREE but you do need to register your attendance. Please email a.zinga@colart.co.uk to confirm your space on the class.


Image Source:
1. The Rest, Michele Del Campo, 2014, Oil on Linen, courtesy of the artist.
2. The Fall, Michele Del Campo, 2014, Oil on Linen, courtesy of the artist.

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