Guest Post: Martha on Rob Ryan 06 Jul

Rob Ryan is one of my favourite artists. I adore the style of his work, and in celebration of his new exhibition Rob Ryan: Listen To The World at Yorkshire Sculpture Park which opened on 4th July, I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces of his, and some information about his artwork and the styles and techniques he uses.

Ryan’s work often depicts figures in scenes of nature, with honest, moving and sometimes comical pieces of text (which he admits are often autobiographical). He mainly uses paper cuts and screen prints for his work, but he also creates ceramics, jewellery, and many other things. The level of intricacy involved is utterly incredible. Below are some of my favourite pieces of Ryan’s artwork:

rob ryan-

‘My Home’, The cover of his book ‘This Is For You’, ‘Look Closer And Closer’, a page from his book ‘This Is For You’

Ryan’s work possesses a certain ethereal charm due to it’s often heartbreaking and profound nature, his frequent depictions of all-consuming love are, in many instances, tragic. Ryan’s exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park promises to be an unmissable one, with never-before seen pieces created for his 2016 Rizzoli wall calender, a multicoloured laser cut specially created for YSP, and many well-known pieces from his repertoire including the famous ‘Can We? Shall We?’, a heart-rending love poem, and his largest paper cut ever made, ‘The Map Of My Entire Life’, which Ryan created exclusively for Manchester Art Gallery’s ‘The First Cut’ exhibit.

Ryan studied Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic and went on to the Royal College of Art in London, where he specialised in printmaking. Over the past six years, his work has become a lot more intricate and detailed. He has written and provided artwork for many books including ‘A Sky Full Of Kindness’ ‘The Invisible Kingdom’ andThe Kingdom Revealed’. The last two mentioned are the two first books in Ryan’s very own trilogy, with the third and final book, The Invincible Kingdom’,  being published by Random House in October 2015. This release will be coincide with a talk and book signing by Ryan himself at YSP on Friday 30th October. Rob Ryan’s ‘Listen to the World’ exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park will run between Saturday 4th July and Sunday 1st November.

To recreate Ryan’s work at home using your own images, the three items pictured below can be used. The technique of paper cutting is simple, but requires patience (and imagination!) and if you are doing a very intricate design, a steady hand.

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