Guest Post: Products to Test & Try 22 Jul

My name is Liz and I am partaking in a week of work experience at the Fred Aldous store in Manchester. I have been asked to pick a few products that stand out to me and other customers of the store may not be aware of. I think that using items to their full advantage is extremely important so here is my pick of simple necessities that you can use to experiment in new ways to broaden your skills as an artist and get creative; despite non of these products being artist quality they can still be manipulated to create a sophisticated style.

1. Snazaroo 18ml – White

Despite being labelled as childrens’ art, face painting and body art is now being seen as a professional practice in the art and fashion industry. What better way to experiment with drawing and design than using the human body as a medium! Snazaroo are a renowned company in the industry due to their products’ long lasting properties and flawless finish. This 18ml White powder is an absolute must-have for beginners to provide a clear base to experiment over.



2. Stick It Glue Gun – Hot Melt

Glue guns are already an essential to be used across a range of creative techniques. However, using hot glue as a form of stenciling or foundation for prosthetic items is often overlooked. Why not try drawing out wacky patterns on a cutting mat that can be peeled off and used to block out areas when spraying inks and watercolours. Better yet, layering hot glue can create fantastic textures to paint over or combine with mixed media. Furthermore, hot glue designs can then be painted with acrylic and even used with eyelash adhesive to make creative false lashes or brows.



3. Berol – Broad Pens – 12Pk

These Berol pens may be amateur and not achieve the refinement of Promarker or Copic pens, however they pens can be used extraordinarily well alongside watercolours, instead of only as an academic highlighter.  Adding water to these pens creates unique effects as the ink will run similar to watercolour. However after these pens have dried they will not reactivate and the colours achieved are brighter and have a different texture compared to those achieved by traditional inks.



4. Metal Spray Diffuser

Spray diffusers are a cheaper and more versatile alternative to spray paints and other dispensers. Thicker inks can be diluted and a great range of paints can be sprayed by tilting the diffuser at a 90 degree angle and blowing through the nozzle. You can vary the paint concentration and experiment with stenciling using this handy tool – a far more effective and unique way to achieve an airbrushed look without having to splurge on every colour of aerosol spray paint!



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Snazaroo 18ml White


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Metal Spray Diffuser


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Berol - Broad Pens - 12 Pk


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Stick It Glue Gun - Hot Melt


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