Exhibition: And/Order 28 Jul

LCMF are a group of ever-rotating but essentially consistent young artists working across all mediums. After two successful exhibitions at Kraak Gallery over the last year-and-a-bit, the group are moving into new territory, building upon previous explorations of humanness and ideas of the uncomfortable with a new exhibition, And/order’. The exhibition will be a collection of pieces that trace the tangential lines of language, (dis)order, systems, time, birth and noise – as well as other less easily articulated concepts.

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‘And/order’ will feature new work from Joe O’Rourke, Nathan Caldecott, Jamie Hammill, Sarah Lynch-Jones, Amy France, Sarah Entwistle, Caitanya Fletcher-Towler, Caelan Knight, Lucy Holt, Sam Kelly and Alex Leigh. They are a group of predominantly art students from Manchester who live, study and practice in cities all over the UK but take every opportunity to work outside of the University-lead programme.

Expect film, photography, painting, sculpture, installiantion and all sorts.

LCMF Presents: And/order runs for one night only, on Wednesday 29th July in Kraak Gallery, Stevenson Square, Manchester. 5pm-10pm. Free drinks.


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