Guest Post: Handmade Cards Tutorial 11 Aug

This week Lesley from DecorqueCards shares her lace and metallic themed card tutorial for you to try at home.

I am always aware of new trends in the card and stationery industry, so am constantly looking out for new accessories and equipment on websites selling all art & craft materials.  Last week, I was on the Fred Aldous site looking for inspiration to start a new group of lace themed designs for my cards.  The metallics are also a popular look at the moment, so here is a tutorial to produce two Golden Wedding cards.”


Cutting Mat
Adhesive foam pads
Gold spray
Gold Letraset marker pen
Patterned Giraffe Paper
Rico Lace Paper Large
Rico Lace Paper Small
Gold Glitter
Self Adhesive Gems
Square Cards and Envelopes
Use of a scanner Photoshop and a printer (OPTIONAL)

Handmade G.W Card- Sprayed golden Doilies 2Start out by laying down a sheet of white paper then spray the Rico Lace Paper with your gold spray paint, doing this you get two designs in one. The reverse design will be on the white paper, which you can then cut up and use to embellish your card.  Then use the Gold Letraset marker pen to highlight and define the shape and lace pattern.

Next, using your scapel and cutting mat cut out a larger lace shape from the giraffe print paper. You can use the Lace Paper as a guide to make sure you have made your circle large enough. Again, use the Gold Letraset marker pen to highlight and define the shape.

Handmade G.W Card- patterned giraffe cut out shape 3

Once you are happy with your Lace Paper designs you can scan them into your computer and use image editing software such as Photoshop to add text and resize the lace paper scans. If you are not that confident on the computer use your Letraset marker to hand write your message on the small Rico Lace Paper circles.

Once you have all the different elements you are ready to start assembling your card.

Handmade G.W Card- Two circles to stick on 6

Start by gluing the largest of your paper circles and placing it in the center of your card. Then begin to layer the different sized circles, allowing time for the glue to dry between each layer. Once this is complete you can then use the self adhesive gems and glitter to add embellishments to you card design. Using these few simple materials you can create a multitude of designs so why not try some handmade cards yourself?


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