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Here at Freds we are big fans of Mid Century Modern design and you will find that many items we stock reflect this simplistic and geometric style. We’ve decided to find out a bit more about the celebrated style and turn the spotlight on some of the Mid Century Modern inspired products that we stock.


The Mid Century Modern (MCM) style came from the period after the 2nd World war, which was a time of aspiration and hope. In this post-war era architects and designers had the opportunity to explore new possibilities within their fields, rebuilding what had been destroyed during the war. With financial help from America, Europe began to be reconstructed and with this came economic growth, the birth of the consumer age and huge developments in the world of design.

As demand for ‘the new’ grew larger architects, designers and manufacturers were happy to oblige with new and innovative designs pushing to the forefront. Because of this demand graphic design became a prominent sector, producing branding and advertising for the booming consumer culture. Perhaps two of the most well known graphic designers of the period were Paul Rand and Saul Bass. Rand is most well know for creating corporate logos and branding for corporations such as IBM, UPS and Enron whereas Saul Bass is famously known for creating designs for iconic films of the time such as Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Both designers used simple forms, took risks with typography and had a sophisticated use of shape and contrast within their work.


Almost as important within Mid Century Modern design as shape, form and minimalism was the idea of bringing the outside in. Within MCM architecture homes were built with sleek lines, functionality over the decorative, open plan spaces and large glass windows from which nature would be brought into the home. Scandinavian design was hugely influential during this period because of its use of simple lines and ability to blend with nature.


The legacy of Mid Century Modern lives on, its not hard to find furniture, graphic design and products today that have been inspired by this post World War II trend. Here are a few of our favourite Mid Century Modern inspired products from around the shop. What are yours?

#1 Mid-Century Modern Complete




If you like us love the Mid Century Modern style then this book by Dominic Bradbury is a coffee table essential. This book acts as a definitive survey of the style and period in time and is filled to the brim with illustrations and photographs, perfect eye candy for all you MCM lovers out there.

#2 Alexander Girard card Loveheart108001926


Alexander Girard is a renowned designer and illustrator whose work shows a profound love for the harmony between line, colour and shape, all of which are key stylistic elements of Mid Century Modern Design. Girard was part of a design team with George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames and their work typified the period and influenced design throughout the world.

#3 Charlie Harper Wings of the World Puzzle



Charley Harper’s geometric lines and minimalist designs perfectly compliment the mid century style. You can notice similarities within Charley’s work to the simple lines in mid century architecture and furniture design.

#4 Mid Century Wire Baskets



No MCM enthusiast’s home would be complete without these wire baskets. The simple design incorporates all the fundamental design elements of the period and we think they are lovely!

#5 Just Add Color Mid Century Modern Patterns



The trend for adult colouring books doesn’t seem to be slowing down and rightly so, colouring in is an excellent pastime to help aid well-being and mindfulness. We are big fans of Jenn Ski’s Just Add Color range especially because she has not one but three Mid Century inspired patterns for you to colour in.

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