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Starting a at uni or college can seem scary but you will soon find that it will also be exciting and rewarding. To help make that transition a little easier we can help kit you out to make sure that you have all the essentials for starting a new creative course. Take a look at at our Back To College recommended products here, many of which have up to 35% off but if you can’t quite find what you are looking for on our website drop us a quick email here and we’ll help you find the right tools and materials.

We understand that it can be an expensive business studying art and design, which is why we offer 10% off in store with a valid student card and if you sign up for our student discount online, you will get a whopping 25% off your first order. Sign up for your student discount here.

We asked the Freds team if the had any top tips for those of you who are starting out at college or uni and here is what they said:

#1. Buy cheap, buy twice – Chris, Manchester Store Supervisor

“Spend your money on decent art materials, I regretted not buying decent paintbrushes when I was at uni, it’s true what they say ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’. And remember CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!”

#2. Think ahead – Lauren, Leeds Store Supervisor 

“It’s really easy to spend all of your loan on materials throughout the course of the year, but when it comes to your final year try to think ahead and save some money to put towards your end of year show. It’s what you spend the three years working towards, and it can often be the most expensive part!”

#3. Take advantage of exhibition previews – Ali, Marketing 

“Exhibition previews and creative events are a great place to meet people with shared interests. Remember to check out artist-led galleries and emerging artist exhibitions as its an opportunity to see the sort of work your peers are making.”

#4. Make use of your uni or college facilities – Stuart, Studio Technician 

“Make sure you book into your uni’s facilities before they get full. You’ll always find that the darkroom, project spaces and other technical areas will become very busy around hand in time so think ahead and make use of them during the quiet period”

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