RareKind China 25 Jan


We are really pleased to be supporting RareKind China which showcases the diverse visual identities of graffiti and street artists from China and the UK. Individually and collaboratively, they have created original works that respond to CFCCA’s 30-year anniversary and the international context of the urban arts scene.

Graffiti and street art is a global phenomenon still viewed as an underground ‘subculture’. This project goes beyond conventional understandings of graffiti and street art to collaborate with writers, academics, illustrators and graphic designers and will extend beyond the gallery walls into Manchester’s city centre to engage local communities through workshops, public interventions and a tour. This includes collaboration with Outhouse Mcr’s public graffiti spaces in the Northern Quarter, from January to March.

RareKind China flyer (final)

In China, graffiti artists are rare, battling against the restrictions of cultural understanding and a lack of government support. Seen as cultural subversion, the practice is underground and dangerous with a limited viewing life. Presenting a collective vision and transcultural perspective, the works cross boundaries of graphic design, sign writing, typography and illustration, showing post-apocalyptic scenes (Filippo Cardella), science fiction fantasies (Lei Lei (aka Ray)), graffiti characters and caricatures (Rainbo, Uncle and 45RPM) and visual illusions (KreK), influenced by Chinese (球0528) and UK social life.

Visit www.cfcca.org.uk or pick up a free copy of the RareKind China map for full details.

This project is co-curated by The Temporary (Rachel Marsden) and RareKind (Andy Cooke).


RareKind China artists: Krek, Mers, James Roper, Mr Penfold, Rainbo, Uncle, Lei Lei (aka Ray), Mask, 球0528, Keflione, 45RPM, NAN, Wong Ping, Threen, Zato, Akim, K real, Filippo Cardella and Lucy McLauchlan.


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