Meet a Maker – George, Jack and Laura from Leeds Makers Festival 06 Mar

We have been invited to have a stall at the Leeds University Makers Festival which takes place on Wednesday 9 March between 10am and 5pm. We caught up with the minds behind the festival to find our what we can expect on Wednesday.

Untitled-2Why did you set up the Makers Festival?

George: Me and a few friends went to the Manchester Print Fair in 2014 and 2015 and thought to ourselves ‘why isn’t there anything like this at University for us’. We left it there but the thought stayed with me and I began thinking about all the talented illustrators, printers and creatives and the work I had seen at university whilst we looked through files that we were working on in the studio. It then clicked that we should have a fair to show this work to give people an idea of the almost pure creativity that the University facilitates. This, then like all good ideas, snowballed over a pint in the union bar and the proposal was then written and sent to the tutors.

Jack: We wanted to create something that allowed students to show the work that they had done outside of the course, and that would also be a good place to see other students work.

Laura: After drawing inspiration from other print fairs, we wanted to organise our own. Within this, we wanted to test our own ability to work together as a team, so far so good!

20160212_144247What can people expect from the festival?

G: Raw creativity from the School of Design students.

J: An interesting mix of different styles and ideas.

L: Creatives coming together displaying their work and generating an exciting atmosphere.

Which makers should visitors look out for?

G: I think personally that the photography will be something to look out for; we have some really experimental work in the photography discipline.

J: I think there are going to be a lot of interesting screen prints from what I’ve seen so far.

L: George has some really cool lino prints that I really admire, and I’ve seen some really beautiful screen prints too.

What work do you produce yourself?

G: Personally I produce Lino prints, Sculpture and try and produce Calligraphic work. I will definitely be bringing my prints and hopefully will bring some of my sculpture.

J: I’ll be showing a few lino prints that I made earlier in the year.

L: I’m a photographer and graphic designer. I’ll be presenting my favourite pieces of photography and mixed media at the print fair.

How have you found the Graphic Design Course at the University of Leeds?

G: I really like it; its more academic than other courses and I really enjoy that. It has been very challenging but thats not a disadvantage its pushed me to create the best work i’ve ever produced and I have met some really interesting people from all over the world. I could have an amazing holiday in East Asia just visiting my friends which is a huge advantage.

J: I’ve started enjoying it much more this year, as we’ve had chance to work on a lot of different briefs and been given a bit more flexibility with out responses. I think it’s really helped to figure out which type of design I’m best suited to, and, more importantly, which I enjoy most.

L: The education itself pales insignificant to the connections and friends I’ve found here at Leeds Uni. Although, the course is very fun with lots of different briefs to keep us all busy.

tumblr_m49pcfSEmd1r98pgoo1_500What are your plans after you graduate?

G: Funnily the three of us are planning on setting up our own studio. We really compliment each other work and push each other to achieve the best.

J: The plan at the minute is for George, Laura and I to work together in our own studio.

L: We’d love our own design studio in the future.

If you had to choose your favourite pen which would it be?

G: A knife edge black marker. I cross out and always draw my ideas first; the bigger I can draw, experiment and exploit the idea in pen the better.

J: I’m not a fan of pens really, because I’m left handed and usually find I smudge my writing. I’ve become pretty attached to my Staedtler Mars Micro 0.5mm refillable pencil.

L: A smelly gel pen, nostalgia!

Maker Festival Leeds
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
University Road, LS2 9JZ


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