Kate’s Crafty Makes 09 Mar

Kate Johnson is our general manager in Leeds and since starting in her role, she has been putting her love for all things crafty and the products we stock to good use by getting stuck into some creative projects. We asked Kate about what she has been making, and how to make them so you too can get crafty!

#1 Marbled Ring Dish

Kate 1

You will need:

Fimo Effect Marble
Fimo Effect Translucent Green
Fimo Effect Nightglow
Fimo Effect Granite
Humbrol Enamel Paint Copper, no 12

“I followed a tutorial on pinterest for this one! It was fairly simple though, I rolled out thin sausages of all the colours I wanted to use, I used a larger quantity of some colours than others, for a more believable ‘marble’ effect. Next I twisted the sausages together and then rolled it into another sausage, then twisted this back on itself and rolled again!

I was careful not to roll too much and mix the colours completely. When I was happy with the marbled effect, I rolled it out flat and cut out a circle. I then gently dropped it into a (oven safe) bowl so that it took on the slight curve of the base of the bowl, and baked according to the Fimo instructions. Once it was cool, I used Humbrol enamel to accent the edge of the dish.”

#2 Woven Sampler


You will need:
Rico weaving loom (small)
Fred Aldous Bakers Twine in various colours
Various scraps and trimmings from my collection.

“I followed the instructions included with the loom! Having never woven before, I found the instructions really easy to use and simple to follow. Once I had got the hang of it, I raided my stash of Fred’s twines and other trimmings to experiment with the textures I could create!”

#3 Stay Rad Flag


You will need:
16mm Balsa Dowel
Junior Hacksaw
Screw Eyes 14mm
Felt (pink)
fabric (I used fabric I bought in Japan)

“I made a pattern for the flag out of paper first, to check the size. I then cut 2 pieces out of my fabric. I cut my letters from felt and then arranged and sewed then onto one of my pre-cut pieces. I put the fabric pieces right sides together and sewed around most edges, apart from a little bit at the top of each side (where the dowel would go). I turned it the right way round, through one of the little holes, and ironed it all flat. I then cut down the dowel using the mini saw and screwed the 14mm screw eyes into it at either end. This is fairly easy as the wood is just balsa, and therefore quite soft. I fed the balsa through the two openings on my flag, and used Fred’s twine to hang it!”

#4 Tassel Necklace


You will need:
Embroidery Thread
Jump Rings

“I picked embroidery thread colours that I thought would compliment each other and, one at a time, wrapped the thread around a ruler about 20 times (whatever you choice to wrap your thread around will determine the size of the tassel) Cut another piece of thread which you fold in half. Thread this folded string under the loops, then pull the two tails through the loop and tighten. Slide the tassel off the ruler then wrap another piece of string around the top and knot. You can now trim the tassels evenly and add a jump ring to the loop at the top of the tassel. I then fixed the jump rings to the chain and added the clasp fastener.”

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