Inspire A Future Inventor 19 May

Our friends over at Technology Will Save Us have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first active wearable that kids make and code.

The Mover Kit is an intuitive way for kids ages 8 and over to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and solve problems creatively. It encourages kids to learn by doing what they do best – being active and playing! The Mover Kit was named Forbes’ Toy to Watch in 2016 and is loved by 300 kids that have tested it out so far.Mover_studio_web_19

Want to inspire a Future Inventor in your world?

It’s super easy to get started with Mover Kit. You can program it with up to three different modes at any one time. Just download them from the Tech Will Save Us online Make platform and install them on your Mover Kit. Or invent your own games and modes by using their kid-friendly (kid tested and approved!) coding platform.

Get your kids inventing – solving their everyday challenges using movement and light – there are trillions of ways to make, play and invent! If you’d like to find out more and pledge then head over to the Kickstater campaign.

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