Call Out – Northern Craft Fair 31 May

Northern Craft is an independent collective founded by Carley Batley and Sean Mort to showcase and support the craft scene in Leeds, the North and beyond. The pair set up the collective out of a desire to build something that people can rely on and be proud to be a part of.

Their plans for Northern Craft are ambitious, in addition to regular craft fairs we want to support their makers by showcasing their work on our website, social presence, and their upcoming zine.


This October sees the inaugural craft fair at Northern Monk Brewery, in Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds. Where they aim to bring together the best of UK craft to create an unmissable event for makers and craft enthusiasts.

If you are interested in apply for a stall, then head over to their website www.northerncraft.co.uk, applications are open until Friday 24th June.


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