Art Auction – Everything Must Go 06 Jul

Our Elle has been part of the Freds family for almost ten years, so it is fair to say that she will be dearly missed when she leaves us in August to start an incredible adventure with her partner Gareth. gazandelle2

Starting by travelling to California for 3 months, Elle and Gareth plan to meet with American Artists and Furniture Makers who inspire them, to swap experiences and ideas, and to generally rejuvenate their own creative juices. They will document their journey with photos, film and interviews with the people they meet to create a visual diary of their experience.

This journey will help them to explore the differences between the work that they produce in Britain, with it’s definite boarders and temperamental weather, to the work that they will produce after visiting America, a vast and expansive land, where the sun nearly always shines.

They plan to collaborate and learn from others along the way, expanding their life experiences and forging great contacts. In return they want to offer the people they meet the chance to come and visit them in Manchester and reciprocate the experience.

When they get back to Manchester, they’ll be starting from scratch but with a new, expanded perspective. They plan to create a studio space where they can both work independently but also in collaboration. It will have an area for photos shoots and a woodwork section. They’ll be available to take on commissions as well as offer it as a space for others to share, so they can establish a new, vibrant creative network in the heart of the city that they love.


To help raise funds for this incredible journey, Elle Brotherhood (Photographer/Artist) and Gareth Batowski (Furniture maker) are going to auction off their artwork, bespoke furniture and worldly belongings to raise funds for this huge life change.

Taking place at HOME‘s event space on Saturday 13 August. The auction offers the opportunity to buy works by the two Manchester based artists; with no reserves and the promise that ‘everything must go’ there is bound to be an opportunity to snap up something fantastic!

Viewing will be from 12pm – 4pm with the auction taking place at 5pm. Places at the auction are limited so to get a free ticket here: https://billetto.co.uk/en/events/art-auction-everything-must-go

To view the work head to their website here.


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