Max’s Top 5 Products 06 Jul

Max is doing two week-long work experience with us at our Manchester store. We asked her to pick out five of her favourite products that we sell and to tell us why.

Hello, my name is Max, I have just finished my first year of Sixth Form and I am doing a week-long work experience placement at Fred Aldous from July 4th to July 8th. So far, in the short amount of time that I have been here I have already found it to be incredibly useful and enjoyable. I am looking to pursue in a career that involves me being able to regularly put to use my fine art skills, I feel that this experience has given me a good insight to what I should expect if I achieve that goal.

I have had some time to look around at the products on sale so that I could choose my top 5 favourite products. I  chose the products I did simply because I either find them enjoyable or are just very useful to have. I will give you my own personal opinions and reviews of the items. If you wish to purchase any of the products mentioned, just click the green ‘Buy’ button next to its title which will redirect you to the product on the Fred Aldous website. Enjoy!

The Calligraphy Studio by Christopher CalderheadBuy

My first favourite product is ‘The Calligraphy Studio’ by Christopher Calderhead. I chose this product because I have always admired the art of handwriting. I always try to improve my handwriting, I believe its an excellent skill to possess as I appreciate immaculate presentation. I assume you wouldn’t arrive to a job interview wearing your pyjamas so why would you then waste your efforts to only present yourself with indecipherable handwriting?  The product is described as “an easy-to-understand guidebook that takes the reader from the basic pen-strokes of traditional hands such as Uncial and Italic to the proud completion of 15 breathtaking projects”, I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in this art form.



Dylon M/C Dye – Velvet BlackBuy

Next I chose the ‘Velvet Black’ fabric dye by Dylon, I chose this product because whenever I receive clothes I may not particularly like I can just easily dye them black so that I can just wear them whenever necessary, therefore I class this as one of the very useful products I chose. It is mentioned in its description that you can ‘Dye your fabrics in the washing machine with the Dylon fabric dyes. Now coming with salt included, making the process easier than ever.’ You never know when you’re going to need it, so I would recommend purchasing one just in case.



The Fashion SketchpadBuy

For my third item I chose ‘The Fashion Sketchpad’ by Tamar Daniel, she is an award winning fashion designer and developed this product to make designing accessible to people of all skill levels. The product is described as being ‘the ultimate tool for aspiring fashion designers who love to sketch clothes but don’t have the skills (or the patience!) to draw proportional figures’. I like this product because I, myself know the difficulty of drawing proportionate figures and believe this product would help many people .



Large Globe Lightbulb by MetropolisBuy

Next I chose the ‘125mm Globe Lightbulb’ by Metropolis, I chose this product because I love the effect of an vintage-esque lightbulb exposed in a lamp. One person said “it is vintage style so it is made to be seen not hidden up, the filaments inside look lovely and give it a quirky feel. The bulb gives of a nice soft light which creates a relaxing atmosphere rather than having a harsh white light.” I would recommend to any one wishing to add a little extra to their lighting decor.


Spun Sugar Stamp PadBuy

Last but certainly not least, I chose the ‘Distress Ink- Spun Sugar’ stamp pad. I have used other inks from the ‘Distress Ink’ collection and I would highly recommend purchasing one. I personally think that it is best to buy 2 or more because the inks work really well together, they blend seamlessly with each other to create more beautiful shades. One person who bought a set said that “These colours are beautiful. They stack on top of one another and you can store your blending foam underneath your coordinating colours. The colours are very vibrant, you can get purple by blending pink, blue and green by mixing yellow and blue. I’m addicted, I love these colours!”  I believe this is a great gift for anyone who loves art and crafts!


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