Ruby’s Top Five Products 10 Jul

Ruby is doing two week-long work experience with us at our Manchester store. We asked her to pick out five of her favourite products that we sell and to tell us why.

At the moment I am doing an art GCSE and after high school I’m hopefully going to go on to do art in further education. The great thing about Fred Aldous is that it has everything, so I have spent many a weekend coming in and spending a majority of my money on art supplies and the like. The five products I have picked out are things I use regularly or are things I enjoy having around.

Nanoblock Grand Piano


This is a great product for me because it’s a great way to show my love for the instrument without having the entire thing in my room. It being made out Lego-like pieces makes it a lot more fun looking than just a plain model and you also get the joy in putting it together even though it is very small. They have alternative instruments as well if you play another or just don’t like the look of it.  It costs £8.99.

MT Tape Gold Stars Asanoha Sinchu


MT tape, perhaps more commonly know as Washi tape, has quickly become a item that I always seem to end up buying when I come to Fred Aldous. I have a growing collection at home and this is one of my favourites. White and gold go with any colour so whether I am wrapping presents or sticking something together it’s usually the perfect fit. The great thing about washi tape is that it’s great for wrapping things because it adds to the present by adding a different colour or more detail. Alternate uses can be as a way to add colour and texture to drawings or to just use as tape. This item is £2.40 and comes in a huge range of colours and designs.

Joseph Gillott Manga Card Pack & W&N-Ink 30 ml Black  

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I use this pair so much (I’m counting this as one item because they cant really be used without buying both items). The great thing about using ink as an alternative to using normal pen fine-liners is if you go over your drawing and add watercolour or pens with high bleeding risk the lines wont run, this enables you to add colour without the risk of your drawing running. It also adds a texture to the drawing as the ink dries slightly raised, due to this the outlines end up being slightly shiny so it emphasises the outlines drawn on your drawing than a normal fine-liner. A quick tip, countless times I have slaved over a drawing for hours and ruined the entire thing by running my arm across it and smudging all the lines into an un-salvageable mess so leave it to dry for a couple of minutes before adding colour. Pens-£9.97, Ink-£5.40

Pentel 0.8mm Hybrid Gel White


Not many people realise that white ink pens exist but they do and I have not one but two. It is quite common to use white as a way to highlight the places where light hits the drawing or to add it when wanting to put in detail. A way to complete this objective is by using these pens. The only con of this product is that it’s nib can get dirty and that means the ink can be dirty when applied to drawing and the ink can sometimes be slightly translucent so you may have to apply it more than once. Price-£2.00

Writer’s Block Journal 


Sometimes I struggle with getting my thoughts out onto a page. The first step with this is getting something that you want to write in. Having a book that looks nice to you and is appealing to the eye makes me want to pick it up and fill it. The reason why I like this product is because I really like the design, to me the natural look that the wood texture portrays is a very nice effect. However even if you don’t like the the design you can probably find one out of the hundreds that Fred Aldous supplies that helps you get motivated to write, draw and make anything. Price-£10.83

These are the five products I recommend and you can find them at the store or online.

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