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We supply a full range of waxes for all your candle making needs - paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax and jelly wax.

Paraffin wax has been the most widely used candle wax for many years. Pure white and odourless, paraffin wax is a versatile base for candle making and burns well. Our wax pellets are particularly easy to melt.

Soy wax is made from soybean oil and is a great choice for people who want to make candles from a renewable resource. Soy wax burns cleanly and has excellent fragrance-retaining properties.

Beeswax is another sustainable option and has been used in candle making for centuries. Beeswax candles have a natural sweet fragrance and last longer because of the high melting point of beeswax, which means it burns much more slowly than other types of wax. Jelly wax, or gel wax, is simple to use and is perfect for making stylish container candles. Use it with liquid dye for best results.

Stearin can make all the difference to your candles. If you are making candles in rigid moulds, the addition of stearin to the wax will make it easier for the set candle to be released from the mould. Stearin also helps to make the colours of your dyed candles more vibrant. Other benefits of stearin include reduced dripping and slower burning. For best results, use one part stearin to 10 parts candle wax. You can choose to add stearin separately or buy our pre-blended wax and stearin product.

Here at Fred Aldous, we also offer next day delivery and same day dispatch - so you can be making candles in no time! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on our free advice line: 0161 236 4224.

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