Air Drying Clay

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Air Drying Clay - Love working with clay but have no room for a kiln? No problem at all with our extensive array of air hardening clays. Looks and feels virtually the same as kiln fired clay without any of the hassle that goes with it. Most projects will easily dry overnight and can be painted or glazed any way you wish. Browse our range for different colours and package weights.  

Newclay Claydium 500g
2 Colours available


Configurable options Available  
Sculpt Dry Air Drying Clay
4 options available


Newclay Air Drying Clay
5 options available


Das Modelling Clay
5 options available


Configurable options Available  
Staedtler - Efa plast Classic - White


Staedtler - Efa plast Classic - Terracotta


Staedtler - Efa plast Classic - Flesh


Amaco - Marblex Pottery Clay - 907g


Fimo Air Light Modelling Clay 250g
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