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Two part crystal clear coating, can be used on a number of surfaces. INTRODUCTION Crystal Sheen is a clear polymer coating, which has hundreds of uses, based on hard gloss coatings. Use it to coat and protect diplomas, birthday cards, newspaper cuttings etc. As a gloss finish try Crystal Sheen on shells, seeds, nuts, table tops, figurines etc. Another popular use is as a glaze on photographs on plates. Remember that Crystal Sheen needs no expensive U.V. curing equipment. It is also widely used as coin/badge coating and with tiny dried flowers for jewellery. Adding Colour Paste to Crystal Sheen opens up a whole exciting field of cold enamelling with a variety of backing materials. Decoupage is made really easy with one pour of Crystal Sheen eliminating all the problems of multi brush coats. China and glass restorers have found lots of uses for Crystal Sheen. (More details under the Techniques section) Crystal Sheen is not recommended for outdoor application. BASIC RULES Each pack is supplied with step by step instructions so we will only emphasise the main points. Make sure that the surfaces to be coated are dry and free from dust or wax. Place flat objects on suitable blocks. Crystal Sheen is not suitable for vertical surfaces. Measure or estimate the area to be coated and calculate the amount of mix required. Coverage rates are given in the instructions. Thorough mixing of the exact quantifies of resin and hardener is the key to a high quality finish. Pour the required amount of part A (exactly half the quantity of mixed finish needed) into a mixing cup. Pour the same amount of part B into a second cup and replace the containers caps. Empty the two cups into a suitable sized container and stir thoroughly for two minutes or as long as required to mix completely making sure that the material on the sides and bottom of the container are well mixed. Always work in a warm room between 21º - 30º C (70 - 85º F) with good ventilation and dust free. Do not work in the kitchen as fumes may permeate food containers. Low temperature around 60º F and below may cause crystalisation. (See instructions with each pack) Maintain warmth during the curing period. Covering small items with a cardboard box will stop dust settling onto the curing surface. It dries to a tack free touch in around 6 hours and will be fully cured in about a week. Trylon cleaner or acetone can be used for cleaning but remember that these materials are highly flammable. After curing Crystal Sheen can only be removed by sanding or with a paste type paint remover. SHELF LIFE Shelf life is approximately one year. Always replace container caps tightly and store at room temperature. HANDLING AND SAFETY Both components are chemicals and should be handed with care if accidents are to be avoided. Precautions should be taken to avoid eye and skin contact. In the event of eye contact flush out with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes and obtain medical advice immediately. If skin irritation occurs, use cleansing cream followed by thorough washing with soap and water. If irritation persists then medical advice should be sought. If Crystal Sheen is swallowed then induce vomiting, give large quantities of water and obtain medical advice. More detailed safety leaflets are available on request. Crystal Sheen is classified as non flammable but do not smoke whilst using these materials. TECHNIQUES CLEAR COATING - For large and medium areas. Crystal Sheen is not heat resistant so surfaces that might be in contact with hot utensils need suitable protection. We do not recommend Crystal Sheen for coating house signs or other outdoor applications, as the coating can become brittle in the extreme cold. Calculate the quantity and mix as described. Pour the entire contents as quickly as possible, using a spiral motion, starting at the centre and stopping just before the outside edge. Use a spreader if necessary. After a short time any air bubbles created during the mixing will rise to the surface and burst. Gentle blowing or breathing on the surface will also help. Pinholes or uncured spots are usually caused by incorrect mixing; a second coat will usually conceal this problem. Finger prints and dust can usually be removed be removed after curing with fine wire wool prior to re-coating. CLEAR COATING - Small areas jewellery, coins etc. For simple coating mix as described then drip or pour onto the surface and store in a warm place until fully cured. Crystal Sheen will form a natural meniscus, which needs no further treatment and provided that care is taken will not overrun the edge of coins etc. Crystal Sheen with pressed dried flowers makes beautiful jewellery. Choose tiny flowers which should be dried and pressed as for any pressed flower work. We suggest the following: Heuchera, Forget-me-Not, Eldefflower, Horets of Cow Parsley and Astrantia for rings and ear studs. Anaphalis, Lobelia, Heathers, Heartsease and Larkspur for pendants and cufflinks. Tiny leaves, small foliage and grasses as well as fine coloured stems can also be used with effect. A coloured base layer will be necessary with this technique so add a tiny amount of Colour Paste to the mixed Crystal Sheen. Remember that coloured pastes are intermixable so subtle shades can be achieved. Try fine grasses on a black background or forget-me-nots on white. Apply the base coat and allow to cure for about 24 hours. Arrange the design and stick into position before applying the final clear coating. COLD ENAMELLING - This process uses colour pastes with Crystal Sheen to produce attractive cold enamels. It can be applied to almost any material. Copper enamelling blanks are very suitable, but cardboard, wood, perspex etc. can also be used. The surface must be grease free, metals and perspex should be lightly abraded. As the process requires very tiny quantities, small containers will be needed; foil cake trays are ideal. Crystal Sheen is mixed as described above, then split into a number of smaller amounts, with one slightly bigger than the rest to be used as the base colour. Decide on a base colour for the enamelling and then select the other colours required. Care should be taken not tot contaminate the other paste in the container with the resin mix. Add a small amount of colour to each container of mixed Crystal Sheen. The amount required will be very small so start off by adding a very tiny amount, adding more as necessary to obtain the shade required. The coloured resin mix will remain workable for 30/45 minutes after which time it will skin over making further work impossible. Apply the coloured base, not too thickly, then using a mixing stick or nail, drop a few spots of the other coloured resins into this base colour. Draw the point of the tool through these spots to obtain a swirling abstract design. Further colours can be added. Extra decoration is possible with small shells, stones, sequins etc. CHINA/GLASS RESTORATION - Crystal Sheen can be used as a low viscosity clear adhesive or in conjunction with fillers, titanium dioxide and kaolin as a "putty" for filling chips, holes and with the addition of Colour Paste or oil paints as a glaze for certain repairs. By using minimum pigmentation it is possible to emulate the translucency of "eggshell" china, The slow curing time can be effectively accelerated by pre-curing the repaired object under an Anglepoise lamp with a reflector bulb.