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DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Flowers

We think one of the funnest things about festivals (other than the music) is the chance to dress up creatively and wear things you might normally day to day. So even though festival season is nearly over we thought we'd keep it going by making a felt flower headband.  For this you will need:

3 x Squares of felt in various colours

1 x Tube of UHU glue

1 x scissors A Length of Ribbon

1.  First of all cut a square that is 4 inches wide and then make it into a circle.  This is going to be the base that you stick your petals to.

2.  Then cut out 16 squares each 2 inches wide, 12 squares that are 1.5 inches wide and 9 squares at 1 inch wide. Once these were ready each square is cut into a pentagram shape (don't worry if they aren't perfect, this adds to the look of it).  The top point of the petal was cut to make it more curved, this is optional and depends whether you want a flower that is more pointed towards the end or not.

3.  Then glue the base of the hexagon and fold over each side, this creates your petals.  It takes a while for the glue to become tacky and hold, so for another option you could staple it together. This means you have to spend longer positioning them at the end so no staples show through.

4.  When these have been finished glueing together you can start sticking them onto the circle you made at the beginning.  Glue the larger petals first and then use the smaller ones in the inner circle until they have all gone.  There should be 3 circles to this flower and there should be a small space left in the middle.

5.  For the central part of the flower, you need to cut a small circle (we used a different colour for this part) and then cut into the circle as shown above.  Once this is done you need to scrunch up the circle and then this can be stuck into the middle of the flower.We then stuck the flower to a piece of ribbon and we have our finished headpiece, belt, large bracelet, present packaging, the list goes on.......

What have you guys made for Festivals this summer?  You can show us your pictures by Tweeting them to @FredAldous or emailing and we'll share the creative costumes you've made!

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