Guest Post: Martha's Top 5 Products

Guest Post: Martha's Top 5 Products

Hello blog readers! My name is Martha, I am doing a 2 week-long work experience placement here at Fred's from 22nd June-3rd July. So far, I am finding it to be an utterly enjoyable and worthwhile experience here, and am hopelessly trying not to spend all my money in here! Anyway, I was asked to choose 5 of my favourite products they sell here at Fred Aldous' and give my own personal opinions and reviews of the items. The products I have chosen are neither excessively expensive nor require much artistic knowledge to use them, they are simply items I enjoy using and think others would enjoy too! Click the green 'Buy' button next to the title of the products if you would like to purchase them from the Fred Aldous website. Here goes:   The Moleskine Volant Notebook      [getbuybutton sku="FREDS-030250730 "]   My first product is The Moleskine Volant Notebook. The Volant comes in many variations of size, paper type and colour, my personal favourite being the large, ruled Orange Yellow/Cadmium Orange set, as pictured on the far left. They have smooth, acid-free paper that is efficient and easy to write on, and ink rarely ever bleeds through the pages. Moleskine's paper rules all, always. Overall, a handy little notebook that does not fail, one I would highly recommend.     'Whatever' - Make Your Own Banner      [getbuybutton sku=" 108001820 "]  

Next, I have chosen the 'Whatever' - Make Your Own Banner kit. I was bought one of these as a birthday present many years ago, and the reusable letters have ensued numerous uses for any single holiday that can be marked as significant in any way (the most iconic one being National Egg Day). Whatever the occasion may be, you can spell out any message you desire on a personalised banner. They are perfect for any event, or simply to send the message 'Whatever' to the world (or even to decorate your Egg Day party.)

  Artists Colouring Book - Japanese Designs   [getbuybutton sku=" 134300429 "]   My third item is The Japanese Design edition of the Artists Colouring Book. The book contains 16 pages of high quality, acid-free paper, lightly printed with beautiful traditional Japanese designs for you to colour. Pencil, crayon, felt marker, watercolour, liquid ink, pastel and many other colouring applications can be used as sparingly or as excessively as you wish, and depending on the technique used, you can create a design which has an innovative and unique look and makes the original lines of the drawing fade away. I adore this book simply because it's drawings are so effortlessly beautiful, and it is easy to create a work you will no doubt love!     Lomography Diana+ Camera       [getbuybutton sku="707060001 "]   For my fourth product, I have picked the Lomography Diana+ camera. It's toyish, plastic look really does have a certain charm to it. Although not ideal for people who desire sharp and crystal clear images, the Diana+ produces pictures with a dreamy, nostalgic radiance every time which I adore; it is definitely one for the Instagrammers of the world! It is a versatile model that is very special in both it's appearance and the retro-style pictures it produces. Ideal for analog photography beginners, it has a range of four exposures to choose from to gain the pictures you want. There's a reason why this camera is a cult classic! Diana+ Camera Customisable Cookie Stamp        [getbuybutton sku="108004610 "]   And finally, last but not least, I have selected the Customisable Cookie Stamp. I feel birthday/Christmas/other holiday presents sometimes lack personality if you are trying to buy a gift that isn't too expensive, and baking is a really good way to create a personalised gift that requires minimum funding! You can print whatever message you want onto your cookies, perfect as a gift or even just for yourself. The actual cookie stamp itself could be gifted to whoever you want, if they are a budding home baker and you usually burn everything you touch (totally not like me).  

Thanks for reading! x

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