Meet a Maker - Buttercrumble

Meet a Maker - Buttercrumble

Buttercrumble have kindly produced a canvas for our Leeds store. We caught up with them to find out more about their work and influences.

Tell us about what you have created for our canvas project?

We produced a painting of two artists completing a new piece of work. It's lovely to celebrate once you've finished a project you're proud of.

Which materials did you use and why?

Acrylics and POSCA pens. Acrylic paints are quick to dry which is helpful when producing a painting with a time limit. They also allow you to create vibrant and bold colours. POSCA pens are handy for the finer details as they offer more control.

Where do you make most of your work?

We produce most of our art together in our workspace at home.

What are your favourite creative tools?

Pencils! They are the portable and allow you to visualise your idea in a matter of seconds. Most of our art is produced using a computer though to achieve flat colours and sharp lines.

Who are your biggest creative influences?

Orla Kiely produces beautiful graphic prints. She most definitely has an eye for colour. We are also influenced by mid-century design as we love anything and everything vintage.

If you could only use one material in your work, what would it be and why?

It would have to be a computer! This is because it is the most versatile tool to use and can reproduce most handmade techniques to some standard.

What was the best exhibition or art event you went to last year?

We visited Salts Mill (Saltaire) for the first time last year. There was some amazing David Hockney paintings there and it is a gorgeous building. We'd defininitely recommend a trip if you haven't been.

If you had a tip for artists starting out, what would it be?

We still feel we are at the beginning of our creative journey, but we would recommend grasping every opportunity that passes with both hands. If opportunities are hard to come by, then start making your own.

You can see more of Buttercrumble's work here, or by following them on social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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