Meet a Maker - Super+Super

Meet a Maker - Super+Super

We recently started stocking books by wonderful Brighton based lifestyle blogger Claire Culley and DIY crafter Amy Phipps, otherwise known as Super+Super. Their books Crochet and Paper Cutting are packed with fabulous projects to get your teeth into, so we thought we should find out a bit more about the creative duo. What can people expect from your new books? We are SO excited about the next two books! It has been so hard keeping them a secret after the first two were such an exciting announcement. Our 3rd and 4th books, Crochet and Paper Cutting are jam-packed with homeware and accessory projects for a varying level of craft expertise. Like the first books they are full of gorgeous illustrations, a technique know how and Pinterest worthy projects!

Where did you both meet? We met in Claire's old shared studio space in Brighton when a mutual friend needed some help setting up and styling a blog. We hit it off instantly and started working on creative projects together! We realised quite quickly that we were very alike and shared a passion and determination for what we did... and for ready salted crisps and gin.

What materials do you like working with? Ah, that's such a tricky one as it varies all the time! Brightly coloured yarns and speckled paper is at the top. Though Amy loves working with fabrics and dressmaking. Claire is a huge fan of screen printing onto fabric too... it's never ending and we both get mega excited when we walk into a craft store and see a new material or colour of something we haven't tried before... mega craft geeks!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Inspiration is everywhere! And if like us you have a creative personality your brain never stops whirring, thinking of new things to try or what project you'd like to make for the home or a friend. We write all our own patterns and draw all our own designs and totally love the process from thinking up an idea to creating a finished product. It's very satisfying indeed!

Who are your favourite crafters and why? We are finding new amazing people to follow all the time! Currently, we are obsessed with Atelier Stella who is an illustrator and ceramics designer who lives in Hove. Long-term favourite has to be Karen Barbe, Shauna Richardson and our friend Camille WALALA.

Do you have any tips for people who would like to turn their crafting passion into a creative career? We would say one of the most important things is to make sure your business is flexible and can change to suit your life at that time, have 'Plan B' route for your business and don't ever put yourself in financial difficulty. Make sure you have a solid plan and you are prepared for it to become your whole life – you really do need to be passionate about your chosen area as you will eat, sleep and breathe it for a long time. Also making sure you have a strong support network of friends and family around you helps.

Where do you do most of your crafting? Currently at our home studios or Amy's dining table with tea on tap!

What have you got lined up next? We hope to be holding a series of free in-store workshops around the UK to promote all four of the Super+Super craft books series at craft shops and independents (hint hint) or local venues. We are also working hard over the next few months on our craft parties as wedding season is in full swing and our crafty hen parties are very popular at this time of year. 

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