Sketchpad Artist - Tasha Whittle

Sketchpad Artist - Tasha Whittle

Tasha Whittle is the founder of Outhouse. She has produced a cover for our A3 220gsm Cartridge pad and has selected the 19 other Outhouse artists to produce a cover for our Sketchpad range. We caught up with Tasha so she could tell us a little bit more about herself.

Tell us about the idea behind your sketchbook cover?

It came from a doodle in my sketchbook, drawing is quite a meditative state for me so I draw until I'm happy with whatever it is. I gave myself a little time deadline and just drew then used a computer to do the rest.

How did you get involved with Outhouse?

I started it! And am super happy that it's still going!

How would you describe your work?

Illustrative and furry character driven, inspired by the natural world and the unnatural parts that surround us. Unless I have a specific idea, work is subconscious driven. It can be in small drawings to large scale murals. It's messy, delicate, detailed, stark, colourful but also simple. The mediums I use normally dictate the style and direction i'm going in.

What inspires you?

This life, nature, music, friends, one liners, ideas.

Who is your favourite artist or maker?

There have been various artists and makers who have inspired me over the years but Wassily Kandinsky keeps coming back into my mind same with Hieronymus Bosche, Dr Seuss, Beatrix Potter, David Hockney too. my list could go on. Actually, I love Ellen Rodgers photographic work too... Jennifer Crouch and Missled..

What materials do you use?

Anything and everything I can get my hands on! I like Rotring pens and clicky pencils at the moment. Acrylic.. well any paint, watercolour, spray paint, screen print are my current loves. I've been working in photography and embroidery recently as well.

What is your favourite piece of work that you have made?

I have yet to make my favourite piece of work... Outhouse as a project is something I'm pretty proud of though. And SWAG (Shop Workspace, Art, Gallery) - a pop up artist shop we opened in 2015 in the Northern Quarter.. that was really good.

What exhibition or art event have you been to recently that you think is worth shouting about and why?

I'm in Melbourne at the moment but I would love to see the Wewiora Projects 'Tall Tales' touring exhibition, it brings the work of 17 international women artists who employ the playful use of storytelling techniques in the making of their work. Sounds awesome!

Do you have any advice for artists starting out?

Don't think, just do.

What tip would you give to people about one of our products?

I really love the Fred Aldous own brand brushes in a pack, they work super well with ink and paint. I find that they're a bit long for me so I just snap them in half... I do this with most of my brushes though!

Where can people see your work? @thecolouringbox

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