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The Fred Aldous Staff Exhibition

The Fred Aldous Staff Exhibition

We often get asked if the people who work at Fred Aldous are artists or makers and the answer is yes! We all have a passion for creativity and love to explore new ways of making. With so much talent across our two shops, we thought it was high time we shared the wonderful work that we create. 

Fred Aldous staff exhibition

Here's a little bit about our wonderful staff and the work they create.

Caroline Dowsett 

Artist and Illustrator 

Working mainly in gouache, inks and ceramics, Caroline is an illustrator and maker based in Manchester. Her work takes inspiration from nature, pre-loved objects, pioneers and the everyday.

Jake Beddow 
Designer and Illustrator - Risography 

Passionate about all things Risograph, Jake is our in-house graphic designer and print extraordinaire.

Ben Harrison 
Visual Artist - Painting

Ben is a visual artist who works primarily in painting and murals; he is currently based at his studio in Artwork Atelier, Salford. His past work explored character design and figurative drawing, more recently he has begun to explore abstract forms and shapes. 

Photo of Caroline Dowsett, Jake Beddow, Ben Harrison and Rob Aldous' work

Steven Connolly 

Steven creates designs under the Bad Luck label. Producing T-Shirts, stickers and much more he is currently building up his label. 

Jaydon Rowbottom 
Illustrator, Animator and Maker

Skulls have always been Jaydon's go to thing to draw. He is fascinated by how you can take what was supposed to be an ending and give it new life by changing a few main features and playing around with the posture.

Robert Aldous
Casting and Moulding

Robert is the Finance Director at Fred Aldous and our casting expert. His office is filled with lots of weird and wonderful castings, if you ever need any advice he is always willing to lend you his expertise. 

Ali Gunn
Jewellery Design

Ali creates bold, contemporary laser cut jewellery. She is interested in transforming plastic into a more desirable material by using techniques on the laser cutter that simulate techniques used in metal work. 

Photo of Cameron Kemp and Ali Gunn's work in the Fred Aldous staff window exhibition

Cameron Kemp

Cameron is a designer and model maker; he used lolly sticks and match sticks to create his haunted house. 

Joe Barritt 

Joe is a Leeds-based designer with an infatuation for typography. His approach thrives on conceptual thinking, solving problems with well-crafted, straightforward design.

Chris Ridler
Visual Artist - Fine Art Painting 

Chris is interested in painting the world around him, from urban landscapes that he sees on his way to work, to the beautiful rolling countryside where he lives up in the Peaks.

Oliver Crabtree 
Visual Artist

Oliver's practice focuses on the relationships between maleness, effeminacy and the body with a ripple of bad taste and naff running through objects, surfaces and images that speak a language of deviant bodily qualities and the satire of stereotypes.The composition of hand sewn silicone objects suggest rolls of fatty tissue and contours of muscle mass formed into bulbous protrusions and deep crevices. The surface evokes a sense of otherness through a queer lens, inviting a hesitant touch and a quizzical gaze.

Clare Birtwistle 
Artist and Designer 

Clare is a freelance artist and designer. Simple shapes are an integral part of her work, and she is currently working on abstract compositions experimenting with a Risograph printer.

Photo of Lauren Atkins and Caroline Dowsett's work for the staff exhibition


Lauren Atkins 
Sculptor and Ceramist

Lauren takes particular inspiration from classical sculpture and the unedited natural form. She is currently working on a series of casts that reference Ancient Greek and Roman busts but celebrate a variety of modern female silhouettes. 

Paul Hallows 
Visual Artist - Illustration and Sculpture 

himHallows is the working name of Paul Hallows, an artist (and sporadic curator) from Manchester who is mostly obsessed with dark films, concrete and uncooked meat. Mostly. himHallows likes to put his ideas into hand drawn illustrations 3D builds, murals and design experiments.

Robin Megannity 
Visual Artist - Fine Art Painting 

Robin has recently been producing paintings from images rendered in 3D modelling software; often using 3D scanned artefacts alongside digitally created models. This technique provides him with the opportunity to explore the slick and commercialised aesthetic of contemporary digital culture through the traditions and historical weight associated with oil painting.

Rosie Booth 
Visual Artist 

Rosie's latest works explore the delicate forms of an imaginary environment. Each mark is made intuitively in response to the one before it, lines and strokes informing her next steps. Rosie uses simple elements such as pin and paper or metal and a bradawl to create unlimited potential and unexpected results, with the tools she uses lending themselves to the overall intimacy of the piece.

Stuart Southwell 
Visual Artist - Photography and Printmaking

Stuart applies theories of the grotesque to create work that challenges our defined ideas of beauty and representation. For this series he has created dark room collages using multiple negatives, blocking out areas of the negative using stencils to create macabre characters. 

Sue Walker 
Crochet Designer

Sue is a director at Fred Aldous, she loves to crochet in her spare time. She learned to crochet from a book about 50 years ago, but she is still learning new stitches all the time. She loves to use Wool and the Gang yarn, because of its excellent quality and range of colours.

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