The Science of Play

The Science of Play

We were pleased to give the Northern Quarter a sneak-peak of The Science of Play exhibition by filling our window with Playhouse from paper artist Helen Musselwhite, which has been kindly sponsored by GF Smith.

"When I was small I longed for a little house of my own at the end of the garden where I could play to my hearts content. I still long for a little house but now it would be in the countryside surrounded by trees, a place to escape to. The concept of it as a playhouse remains the same."
Helen's work will be heading to Federation House tomorrow to join over thirty artists, designers and agencies who have contributed pieces to the exhibition. For curators End Of Play there is an inherent connection between creativity and play. They see both it as allowing us to get lost in a world, explore, problem solve and unleash the imagination. The exhibition will raise the question, what is play? And, how although play comes in many shapes and sizes, at its very core there is an instinctive act that can free the body and mind, exploring the meaning and importance of play. The exhibition tonight with talks from 6pm and is part of Design Manchester 2014 and in aid of charity Play360, who design and build playgrounds for communities throughout the developing world.
Curated by: End of Play
In Association with: Design Manchester 2014Play360
Find out more about The Science of Play here.  

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