Reeves believe in creativity for all.

For almost 250 years they have been educating and inspiring across the world; spreading the message that creativity isn’t about getting it right or wrong, it is all about expression. They are on a mission to encourage everyone to ‘show their colours’ by demonstrating we can all be creative whether we are artistic or not. 

You’ll find everything you’ll need to start your creative journey here, from paint to pencils and sketchpads to paint by numbers.

Share your creative side, join the ride #wearereeves

Switch off and create

With studies showing we spend almost nine hours a day on the screen every day; Reeves is encouraging us to 'switch off' and find space in our busy days to spend time meaningfully and creatively. Whether it's Paint by Numbers, or Sketching and Drawing, discover how enjoyable and rewarding spending a few minutes creatively can be.