DIY - Halloween Face Paint Ideas

DIY - Halloween Face Paint Ideas

It's nearly that time of year when things get a bit spooky and there's usually a party or two and scary outfits are needed.  We thought we'd try the Snazaroo out and do a freaky face Halloween paint design. 

This was done in about 30 minutes and is a great way to get dressed up without buying a whole outfit.

For this we used:

Snazaroo : The Scary Collection

Gel Blood

1.  We asked Ben to have a go at painting Matt as he's an amazing model maker and part of The Meat Collective, so we thought he'd be a good person to do the face painting. Ben used the sponge to paint on the green base colour. 

2. Once the base coat was on Ben started to shade in areas with black including the eyes and around the cheekbones. 

3.  A really good technique for face paints is using the Sequin Mesh Rolls to create a texture on the skin.  This can be used when face-painting lizards, snakes, fish or just to create an interesting background. 

4.  Ben painted on teeth and big eyebrows and the final touch of scary eyes on the eyelids, they were really effective as they looked so odd!Here's the final picture of Matt, pretty scary huh!  Thanks Matt for being a willing model in this week's DIY post.  What are you guys making for Halloween? Have you got your idea in place? 

Do send us your pictures to, we'd love to see them!

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