Model 17 B&W 1968


In 2012 we bought our first photobooth; a Black & White Photo-Me Model 17 from 1968. It was manufactured right here in the UK but spent most of its life in a Woolworth’s store in Canada.

Model 17C Colour 1986


Our second booth is a Photo-Me Model 17C colour photo booth from circa 1986. This booth is the only public use colour photo booth in Western Europe. They no longer manufacture the paper for these machines but don’t worry, we’ve got a good supply!

Model 12 B&W 1963


Leeds wouldn't be complete without a photobooth, so in 2016 we bought our third; a 1963 Model 12 Black and White booth. This photobooth had spent the last few years being hired out for weddings, capturing many a happy moment!

4 poses, 3 minutes just £4

At Fred Aldous, we work hard to preserve the magic and historic importance of analogue photography. Every single morning we top up and stir the chemicals and a test shot is taken to make sure everything is up to temperature ready for the first customer.

With no option to preview your picture, you only have one chance to strike four different poses. Then, you have three minutes of anticipation while the machine whirs and the chemicals develop your picture. After your wait, the picture appears, still wet from the process but beautifully exposed. The photobooths at Fred Aldous have seen marriage proposals, parents documenting their children as they grow, fashions shoots and countless happy moments shared between friends and families.

In 2016 we hosted the International Photobooth Convention at our Manchester shop where we explored the creative potential of the analogue photobooth and gave people the chance to collaborate with artists, experiment with creative techniques and create mini masterpieces.

Without the dedication and commitment of a few 'boothers' analogue photobooths could have all but disappeared. Analogue booths bring pure joy and excitement to those that use them, and we are pleased to help towards preserving them for future generations.

The Fred Aldous Photo Booth Frame

Not long after buying our first photobooth, we realised that we want a way to display our Photobooth’s pictures and give them pride of place on our wall. The Fred Aldous Photobooth Frame was born!

The frames are of high quality with a solid wood frame, glass and picture mount. British made, the frame is the perfect size for your photobooth strip with an outer frame size of 297 mm x 135 mm x 47 mm and a mount aperture of 200x40mm.

Hop in the booth, take your picture and pop it in a frame for a perfect hassle free gift. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Find our photo booth frame and discover more booth related products in our photo booth shop


Further Reading...

As you can probably tell, we are extremely proud to be part of the analogue photo booth community! If you are interested in finding out more about analogue booths and where you can find them around the globe, we recommend heading to , an extensive resource covering everything from art, news, events and discussion.