Drawing the City with Jane Cockayne and Wallace Seymour Fine Art

Drawing the City with Jane Cockayne and Wallace Seymour Fine Art

We're big fans of Wallace Seymour paints (formally known as Pip Seymour) so, we were pleased to hear that they will be in Manchester on Friday 18th August to assist experienced drawing tutor Jane Cockayne with her Drawing the City workshop. 

The workshop, at MadLab, will give participating artists the opportunity to make drawings directly from the lively street life of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

An example of Jane Cockyane's sketchbook work

Drawing materials for this intensive one-day workshop are provided by Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products. 

The workshop is an excellent opportunity to try out Wallace Seymour's bespoke drawing materials. You will explore using liquid Inks from plant bases, ancient Drawing Materials, Vintage Watercolours, Charcoals made from Willow, Ash, Oak, English Vines – all from sustainable coppice material, Liquid Graphite and Liquid Charcoal along with special drawing grounds for Metalpoint (i.e. house/car keys)

Participants should bring their sketchbooks/paper, drawing board, brushes.

The workshop will comprise a series of intensive drawing sessions on location in and around the Northern Quarter - You will be encouraged to explore the idea of experimental drawing alongside a more studied, figurative response. This will include both a short and more sustained approach.

The emphasis will be to fully realise the potential of the materials whilst challenging and extending a personal line of enquiry – making quick, intense studies, utilising the potential of the materials provided. The overall aim is for the group to achieve a body of work as individuals and engage with each other through the drawing process so that everyone learns some new techniques and approaches to drawing.

Places are limited (maximum 20 people). Cost £ 35.00.
To book, please contact info@wallaceseymour.co.uk.

Venue: Madlab, 36-40 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HN - https://madlab.org.uk/find-us/

Date 18 August 2017, 10.30am to 4pm.

Pictures from http://www.janecockayne.co.uk/

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