Sketchpad Artist: Micah Purnell

Sketchpad Artist: Micah Purnell

Micah Purnell is one of the twenty artists who Outhouse selected to produce a cover for our sketchpad range. The cover is part of our 2016 - 2018 limited edition collection. We spoke to Micah to find out about his work.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind your sketchbook cover?

The piece looks at belief and language. We say we believe something but behave differently. What we do is what we believe, not what we think or say.

How did you get involved with Outhouse?

In the summer of 2014 I produced a body of work titled ‘Dear Progress’ (an open letter on the billboards of Manchester and Cardiff). Outhouse kindly gifted me space for two of the seven quotes I used on the billboards. ‘REALITY IS A COCKTAIL OF FANTASY’ and ‘PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE AND TALK TO ME’ the latter went viral, initially getting tweeted by the now Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson and subsequently RT’d over and over. It was also on Getty Images Instagram feed with some of the best photos on the planet and had the highest number of likes and comments for months.

How would you describe your work?

Text based, typographical, self-analytical, social critique. Something simple.

What inspires you?


Who is your favourite artist or maker?

Spring Time

What materials do you use?

Paint / Ink / Paper / Scalpel / Computer

What is your favourite piece of work that you have made?

One of my favourites is hand set letterpress print I made at St Bride, Fleet Street, London. The piece reads "MY QUOTES ARE DESIGNED TO AGITATE - IDIOT."

What exhibition or art event have you been to recently that you think is worth shouting about and why?

I'm going to Home on Thursday, I'll tell you then.

Do you have any advice for artists starting out?

Don't wait to be perfect, produce, share, publish, repeat.

What tip would you give to people about one of our products?

The scalpels aren't half sharp, handle with care.

Where can people see your work? Do you have a website?

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