We test KONO! The Reanimated Film

We test KONO! The Reanimated Film

We have recently started stocking KONO! film The Reanimated Film. The film is made using special materials which are never, or rarely, used to produced for "normal" photography film. In fact, these types of films were never intended for use in a 35mm camera but are intended for motion picture cameras and procedures used during the classic post production of analogue motion pictures. The results can be similar to standard film but they can also be radically different and weird. The aim is to experiment with KONO! and to experience new looks and pictorial impressions. Some of the KONO! films are strictly limited, all of them are handrolled. We gave a pack of the KONO! KOLORIT 125T to our Elle to take out and experiment with. She used a low ISO making the colours darker and adding a richness to the pictures. Here are a few of the results from her two week experiment.

You can view the whole series on her blog. We'd love to see your experiments with KONO! The Reanimated Film, send your images here and we will feature them on our blog.

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