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30,000 Products - Free Delivery Over £50 - Plastic Free Packing ♻︎ - Free Returns
30,000 Products - Free Delivery Over £50 - Plastic Free Packing ♻︎ - Free Returns


  • Sue's Crochet Rico Set
    February 24, 2014

    Sue's Crochet Rico Set

    Here at Fred's we love going above and beyond. One of our customers received this Rico crochet kit for Christmas from her son, but felt it was a bit beyond her skill set. She still loved the design so Sue, our resident maker extraordinaire, answered the call and made it for her (for a small charge).
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  • Give Them The Gift Of You
    February 11, 2014

    Give Them The Gift Of You

    Do you feel like your loved one could do with seeing your face a bit more often? Do they say they miss you when you're away? Are you very vane and think the best valentines present would be your awesome looks....? ....Then come into Fred's, go crazy in our Photobooths and pick up a cleverly made-to-size picture frame for a stress free present.
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  • DIY Two-Colour Lino Printing
    September 18, 2013

    DIY Two-Colour Lino Printing

    Whether we like it or not the nights are drawing in, which means it's time for some autumnal crafts towards Halloween, bonfire night and of course, Christmas! Block printing is a great way to decorate your own cards, Learn how to do a two colour lino print easily and cheaply.
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  • DIY Felt Flowers
    September 11, 2013

    DIY Felt Flowers

    We think one of the most enjoyable things about festivals (other than the music) is the chance to dress up creatively and wear things you might normally day to day. So even though festival season is nearly over we thought we'd keep it going by making a....
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